Monday, December 17, 2007


What is "it"?

Almighty Dollar, bankroll, beans, boodle, bread, bucks, cabbage, capital, cash, chips, coin, dinero, dough, ducats, filthy lucre, funds, gravy, green, green stuff, greenbacks, hard cash, jack, kitty, legal tender, long green, loot, lucre, money, pay, pesos, resources, riches, roll, scratch, silver, skin, sugar, treasure, wad, wampum, wealth, blah, blah, blah.

There are probably more names for money than could ever be compiled. There are essentially only 5 things you can do with your money:

  1. Spend it -
  2. Give it -
  3. Save (invest) it -
  4. Protect it -
  5. Leave it -

A financial planner can help you with any or all of these:

Spend it - budgeting, cash flow management, debt management
- What can I do to maximize what I have?
Give it - charitable gift planning
- What are the best ways of helping others?
Save (invest it) - savings and investment vehicles
- What are the best ways for me to save some of what I have?
Protect it - risk management
- What do I need to do to protect what I have?
Leave it - estate planning
- How can I make sure my wishes are carried out?


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